Scrubs Without JD's Inner Monologues Is Creepy As HELL

You'll never watch the show in the same way again.

It's true guys. Scrubs is coming to Comedy Central. REJOICE.

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Quick question, though - has anyone ever considered the fact J.D's inner monologues are really... weird?

I mean, who pauses for THAT long IRL? No one. It's creepy. Imagine if those thoughts were taken out, and you could only hear... awkward silence. 

Now, you don't have to imagine. Someone's done it. And frankly we feel sorry for anyone who ever hung out with him. 

Waste minutes of your life lost in the eery silence of J.D's thinking. You won't regret it:

You thought that was bad? It gets worse...

This is all we're going to be thinking about when we watch it now. RIP.

You can catch Scrubs on Comedy Central at 4pm starting the 15th of January.

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