Meet The Comedians Who Are Coming #OUTIN60

We interrupt these LOLs to bring you this important public service announcement.

If it’s OK with you, we’re putting a pause on our usually glorious irreverent chit-chat to talk about something serious for a minute.

We know it’s weird, but it’s also important. 

The thing is, there aren’t often many LOLs involved when it comes to coming out. Sharing your sexuality or gender identity with the people you love is often a huge (and sometimes scary) step to take.

And it’s no surprise that it can take a while to get to the point where you’re ready to open up to the people in your life. It’s a process that’s different for everyone, and preparing to come out can lead to a whole bunch of questions. Is now the right time? Who should I tell? What exactly should I be saying? And what happens if their reaction isn’t what I expected or planned for?

October 11th marks Coming Out Day, and here at Comedy Central we want to use it to create a safe, open space to talk about all things coming out. And hopefully, try and answer some of those oh-so-tricky questions.

We’ve spoken to some incredible people who’ve chosen to share their very different, very personal coming out stories with us in just 60 seconds, and we hope they can show you all that even though it can be a tough journey, there’s nothing more freeing than being able to be honest about who you really are.

With LGBT+ celebs like RuPaul, Connor Franta and Gia Gunn, and some very vocal straight allies like Leona Lewis and many, many more leading the campaign, we want to show you that you’re not alone. It’s just a case of finding your tribe (thanks to Michelle Visage for that top advice). 

In the words of Supermodel of the World RuPaul, “If you can, go where people appreciate that you are God’s gift to this world.”

If you want to join the movement (and maybe help someone else along the way), then submit your own 60-second coming out story on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Just make sure you use #OUTIN60.

#OutIn60 Celebrates Coming Out Day

Meet the funny people celebrating Coming Out Day.

#OutIn60: RuPaul's Story

If you’re looking to talk to someone about your gender identity or sexuality, then you can find local LGBT youth groups and other useful contacts through Stonewall's online database, What's In My Area.  

Oh, and here’s here's a doggo surfing a turtle. Because we can’t help ourselves. 


For more info, call Stonewall's Information Service on 08000 502020, tweet to @StonewallUKInfo or email