Seth Rogen’s Funniest Film Moments

"I'm going to try to conduct myself in such a way that does not risk global humiliation."

If Hollywood were to name a King of Comedy, Seth Rogen would definitely be a strong contender for the crown. 

Need proof? We're celebrating the UK release of new movie, Long Shot (in cinemas from Friday 3rd May) with Seth's finest funny moments on film. 

1. That time he seduced Charlize Theron, AKA the Secretary of State

2. That time he seduced Katherine Heigl AKA a high-flying TV producer, couldn’t remember if they’d had sex, then got her pregnant 

3. Oh, and that time he seduced Brenda AKA a soft bread bun, while playing a frankfurter sausage

4. When he sang THE most iconic song from our childhoods in the guise of Simba’s best warthog pal

5. When he threw up in a Christian church wearing a sweater emblazoned with the Star Of David

6. When he drew on fake abs, stole a huge bag of weed and got ambushed by dozens of half-dressed sorority girls

7. When Hermione broke his nose

8. When he played a cop who knew literally nothing about everything

9. When he taught a 40 year-old virgin how to speak to women