She Was On A Break: Jennifer Aniston's Double Spotted In Friends 10 Years After Airing

Turns out she didn't do her own stunts. Like hair flicking.

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

That Rachel Green, always getting herself into dangerous situations like carrying hot coffees, flicking her hair at a rate of 97 times per minute and going jogging with blonde hippies and police horses. No wonder she needed a stunt double for her more dangerous Friends scenes. 


She needed a stunt double for her most dangerous Friends scenes?! 

Well not quite. But she certainly had a double. An incredible 12 years after it was first aired, avid fan Jordan D'Amico noticed something was up. That beautiful brunette by Joey's side had just changed her shirt. AND HER FACE.

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

See?! Not a nose job in sight. The blooper becomes clear in episode 209, The One With The Mugging.

Endemol via youtube

Up there with the most shocking Friends mistakes you never noticed, this is a stonker. As Joey runs through the door excitedly telling his pals he's landed an audition with the actor Leonard Hayes (none other than total babe Jeff Goldblum), you can clearly see it's not Jennifer Aniston cheering him on.

That's right guys, the Friends characters you know and love (and the actors who played them) got tired legs sometimes, and special doubles were hired to stand in for them during filming.

Feel cheated? Well, they were on a break.

Warner Bros. via Comedy Central

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