Sian Welby’s God Level Harry Potter Weather Report Will Give You Chills

Look forward to some rainy spells…

Time was when weather reports were as dreary and predictable as the English weather. A little storm here, a little rain there, a little overwhelming sense of dread and existential ennui coming in from the West. No joy. No fun. Just pure, unadulterated meteorological fact.

But then came Sian Welby.

Sian Welby is basically the messiah of weather presenting. While Tomasz Schafernaker was burning brightly flipping Britain the bird, Sian Welby was on the simmer, writing pun after pun after pun after glorious pun, biding her time until that day, that one glorious day, where she’d become a star.

And today, ladies and gentlemen, today that day has come.

That, that right there, is a video of a woman on the top of her game. The world (and all online iterations of it) is literally her oyster. Star Wars puns? She’s the presenter you’re looking for. Harry Potter puns? Accio memory, because you literally just watched that video. Batman V Superman puns? I haven’t seen it so I have nothing witty to answer with, but yes, she can do them from a Batcave or something.

Where does Sian Welby go now? Well, surely there's something she could do around Game of Thrones, though she might want to wait for winter. Which is definitely coming. It's a shame Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit saga is over, cause that'd probably be pretty loltastic. Maybe Sherlock? Or Friends (nudge nudge wink wink)? 

Well, whatever you choose to do, Sian Welby, we salute you. Go forth and predict like you've never preditected before!

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