Signs Monica And Chandler Were Always Destined To Get Together

That show's got more than one set of lobsters...

While Friends is bookended by Ross and Rachel, the most will-they-won’t-they couple in TV history, the Monica/Chandler relationship is no less romantic for being a they-are-they-are-they-SO-TOTALLY-ARE one. When they got together after Ross' wedding in London it was a massive surprise (when filming the scene, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry had to hold their positions for 27 SECONDS until the audience finally stopped screaming) but eagle-eyed viewers could have spotted all KINDS of clues beforehand.

Like what, you ask? Like in season one’s 'The One With The Birth', when Monica laments that she doesn’t have a baby. Chandler says, “When we're 40, if neither one of us are married, what do you say you and I get together and have one?” 

(Also in that episode, when Monica sees twins, she says “I don’t even have one! She gets to have two?” – and of course, she and Chandler later adopt twins.)

In season two’s 'The One Where Ross Finds Out', Monica offers to flash Chandler if he can do five more sit-ups. He makes it to two and a half and suggests, “Okay, just show me one of them”. What a tease.

And in season three’s 'The One With The Flashback', set a YEAR before the show starts, a goateed Chandler tells Monica “You are one of my favourite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.” 

In the season three finale, 'The One At The Beach', Chandler again floats the idea of being Monica’s fallback boyfriend, her kind of Plan B. “If worst comes to worst, I’ll be your boyfriend” says Chandler. Of course, then he pees on her leg to help with a jellyfish sting…

And how could anyone forget season five, 'The One with All the Thanksgivings'?! Here Rachel reveals Monica was SO obsessed with impressing the Chan Chan man, that she cooked him delicious mac 'n' cheese instead of the usual holiday food (and later became a CHEF just because he said she should). As if that wasn't enough, she THEN ended up spending a YEAR cultivating a svelte body because he made one comment about her weight (although thinking about it, maybe she shouldn't have bothered. Chandler's a massive dick. We're glad he's only got 9 toes). 

So there you go. Proof they were always, always destined to be together. Even though Mon's way too good for him. CHANICA AND MONDLER 4EVA!

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