'Simpsonswave' Is Here And You Better Believe It

What a time to be alive.

Vaporwave has been kicking around since around 2010, and stands as an example of the post-internet and post-irony world, where music and the meme collided.

YouTube / Lucien Hughes

If you don’t really get vaporwave (brah) then let us explain - it’s essentially minimalist electronic music placed over a video or image with a certain aesthetic quality. Almost like a VHS video, it’s glitchy, trippy and chill af.

Well apparently, the world is a beautiful place, and someone has created ‘Simpsonwave’: a combination of clips of The Simpsons overlaid with visual effects and Vaporwave music. If Otto had a music genre - this would be it

According to an article in Pitchfork, it has its roots in a Vine made by a user called Spicster, who created a short clip from the episode “Bart on the Road”, overlaid with a minimalist electronic track.

YouTube / Lucien Hughes

From that point on, Pandora’s Box was open. The videos get thousands of views, and can be simply created using a video editing software and a rad knowledge of Simpsons clips.

YouTube / Lucien Hughes

Like, you know, whatever.

By Ruby Lott-Lavigna