Singer Rockets Through Pokémon Theme Song in 20 Styles From The 90s

Destiny's Child is the very best, like no one ever was.

Thought you'd had your fill of cool Pokémon stuff, didn't ya.

Seen 'em reimagined as your favourite logos, got excited about a Harry Potter Pokémon Go app, laughed at all the stupid situations Pokémon Go players have got into.

But we're bringing you one better, because we're awesome like that. 

Behold, Anthony Vincent, the supremely talented singer and musician pioneering ten second songs, any style. He set himself a special Poké-challenge - to cover the TV show's theme tune in the style of TWENTY 90S SINGERS.

Nine Inch Nails is in there. Marilyn Manson pops up at one point. He sprinkled a lil' K-CI and Jo Jo all over it. Then ba-dunk-a-dunked in honour of Destiny's Child. He toned it back down with Radiohead. Then turned it RIGHT back up for Cher.

Bask in its 90s glory. Revel in nostalgia. Cry for simpler times. Then watch it all over again.

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