Everything You Need To Know About Fantastic Beasts’ Magical Creatures

So you wanna be a Magizoologist, huh?

Those suffering from Potter fatigue should probably crawl under a rock now, because with The Cursed Child taking over the West End and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them about to hit cinemas, Pottermania shows no sign of abating. 

But if you can't get enough of J.K. Rowling's wizarding world, you're gonna love this. 

Entertainment Weekly have got the low down on six of the ‘beasts’ set to show up in the movie. Cue lots of lame "if only we knew where to find them" jokes...


First introduced to Hogwarts students by Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this weird creature looks like a mole and a platypus had too much Firewhiskey one night and spawned a love child. 

Cute, they might be, but Niffler’s are proper pests. They love gold, you see, and have no problem whatsoever with pinching it right out of your purse. 


Think Groot off of Guardians of the Galaxy but greener and with a wider vocabulary. Bowtruckle are basically plants who like to pick locks. Turns out J.K’s got a soft spot for criminal types. 

Anyway, Bowtruckle’s are totally Newt Scamander’s fave - in fact, he’s got four of them. One of which, called Pickett, lives in his pocket. GEDDIT?


One of the houses of American wizarding school Ilvermorny is named after this majestic animal that’s sort of like a Hippogriff but better (sorry Buckbeak). 

Seriously, though, these dudes can fly, sense danger AND create storms with their powerful wings (hence the name). Newt’s friends with one called Frank. Because of course he is.

Swooping Evil

Swooping Evil? Seriously J.K.? Why not call it Death Flutter? An ominous and obvious name for a sort of spiny, reptilian butterfly type thing, presumably the Swooping Evil swoops a lot. 

Beautiful in its own way we suppose, this creature is capable of sucking out its victim’s brains. Its venom is diluted and used by wizards to erase bad memories. 


A monkey-like silver creature with HUGE eyes, the Demiguise is without a doubt the cutest of Newt’s beasts. It can become invisible at will, and also has precognitive sight, so if you were hoping to make it your Squishy you’re going to have to work pretty hard. 

Interestingly, Invisibility Cloaks are made out of valuable Demiguise hair, which is pretty cruel when you think about it. Harry should be getting a call from PETA any day now. 


The most mysterious and sinister of the beasts revealed so far, the Occamy is a weird bird/snake/dragon thing that hatches from valuable pure silver eggs. 

Its most impressive ability is that it can grow or shrink to fit available space… what'll happen when it's set free, huh? We all know exactly what's going to happen.  

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them hits UK cinemas on 18 November, 2016.

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