Smoking Weed Every Day Has One Giant Benefit

Best. News. Ever.

Are you sitting comfortably? We have news you're going to want to hear.

A new survey says smoking weed every day makes you get better grades at college.

We're listening (kinda. There's a a pattern on the carpet that's doing some prettttyyyy interesting stuff right about now. But we're listening). 

The survey – sponsored Inhale Labs (um, yeah, that's a weed company) – found that people who smoke every single day get higher grades.

According to Alternet, weed can make people better students because they have fewer hangovers.

Mike Hunter, founder and CEO of Inhale Labs, says, ‘As part of Inhale Labs’ Cannabis in College study, a series of surveys shows that daily or near-daily marijuana use among college students is accelerating faster than ever before, reaching 10.1% in 2016, up from 5.9% just two years ago.

Hunter said, ‘The survey also found that the average GPA of daily marijuana users in college was 3.2, higher than the overall national average of 3.1.’

But what about WEED hangovers?! THEY EXIST TOO. DON'T ASK US HOW WE KNOW. WE JUST DO, K?!

Desperate to test the theory? There's only one way...