So, It Turns Out Memes Were A Thing In The 1920s


Have you ever had one of those friends who claims they were ‘the first’ to make a particular meme?

‘I personally CREATED that. Everyone else just copied my totally unique sense of humour…’

Well they can sit down, because the first EVER meme has been uncovered from the archived depths of society. And it’s from the 1920s.

This masterpiece was discovered in an issue of Judge Magazine from 1921 and cultural commentators everywhere (or rather, people on twitter) are hailing it as the first meme produced.

The relic observes how one may imagine themselves to look in a photo taken with flash as opposed to how they actually look…

Still sounds familiar, right?

‘Wait, can you take it with flash?’

~ looks at picture ~

‘Actually no, without, please, yep, yep, thanks…’

A true meme stands the test of time and this one certainly does just that.  

Can’t help but wonder if the yodeling Walmart boy will still be making waves in 2k109…

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