Some Friday Night Content Just For Those Of You Who Are Up Late

A special Friday treat!

You love content. We love content. So we figured, for those of you up late this Friday eve, why not just share a little content love? Because you know what Friday means, right? Yeah, it's time to...

That's right, we're talking videos, music and gifs. A nice little snackable break from the monotony of the world around you.


A throwback to President Obama's anger translator sketch, feat. Keegan Michael Key. If you thought Obama was mad, you'd be right. Imagine what he's thinking right now, when he knows Trump will be in the Oval Office come January. Shiiiit.


We've got a nice litte gif for you. Yeah, it's a cat (of course). But you won't be able to get this out of your head, we guarantee it.


Vine may be dying, but it ain't dead yet. So why not kick back and block out the haters with one of the all-time greats?


To send you on your way to dreamland, I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island Feat. T-Pain, a throwback to a simpler, better time.

Enjoy your Friday, folks, and if you're still not satisfied, why not spend a little time on these whack conspiracy theories? 

If you research any of these you'll be on Wikipedia for hours.

Have a great weekend.

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