Someone Drew The Friends Cast In Coffee And The Results Are Varied To Say The Least

Yeah, that's not Ross.

Listen, there's no way we could draw the cast of Friends in coffee (except, at a stretch, Baby Emma). So we're not here to criticise Michael Breach, the lovely young artist who has formed the Friends out of froth. 

Breach, who goes by the psuedonym Baristart (that's a portmanteau of "barista" and "art", not "Baris" and "tart"), shared the video of his creative coffee stylings last week. 

The One Where The Cast Of "Friends" Gets Drawn In Coffee

Who is your favorite character on FRIENDS (TV Show)? Latte Art by Baristart - Michael Breach

Posted by Elite Daily on Friday, 8 April 2016

And Monica, well Monica is jaw-droppingly good (from the neck up). 

And just look at Phoebe. We half expect her to start singing Smelly Cat and yelling about our apothecary table. 

Rachel, sure, she's a little wider than we're used to, but did we mention this is DRAWN WITH COFFEE?

Chandler, supreme: no problem here.

Joey, the facial expression is perfect enough to obscure any issues we might have with his jawline.

But we need to talk about Ross.

This isn't Ross. Maybe - if you squint - this is Russ. 

It's possible, highly possible, that this is Ross' love-child with Zayn Malik.

Either way, there's no way Gunther would serve this. You're not fine, okay Ross. And you never will be.

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