Someone Has Dedicated Their Life To Photoshopping Phil Mitchell And It's Utter Perfection

Uttter Philth.

Phil Mitchell and his wrongdoings have been sewn into the fabric of Britain for the last 26 years.

Whether you watch Eastenders or not, you'll have followed the dodgy dealer's fictional trajectory through snatches of conversation with your senile grandmother, "Oooh, look David, he's started up the drinking again", the Daily Mail's latest 'Whodunnit?' headline and random episodes that happen to be on TV when you're eating your dinner in front of the telly.

Now you can turn to this tumblr account for your daily dose of 'my life really could be worse, couldn't it' as one man dedicates his life to Photoshopping the cuddly bear-turned-alcoholic-turned-murderer-turned-not-actually-a-murderer-turned-digger-thief. ALRIGHT? NOW SHUT YOUR MAAAAF AND ENJOY, WILL YA?

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