Someone Has Done A Mash Up Of Friends And Star Wars And It's Amazing

The Friends Awakens.

Love Friends and Star Wars? Of course you bloody do. You're not a psychopath.

Well, today is your lucky day. Some genius (who goes by the name of Darth Blender) has made a brilliant mash-up video of Friends and The Force Awakens

It turns out that Finn, Poe, Rey, BB-8, Chewie and Han Solo fit perfectly into a sitcom, and we desperately want to see this come true.

But how would the Friends cast fare in the Star Wars universe? Obviously Chandler and C3PO would be inseparable, Joey and Han Solo would be in a constant quibbling rivalry, and does anyone get a weird Darth Vader vibe from Ross? He's one too many stolen sandwiches away from turning to the dark side, in our opinion.

You can watch the full video here:

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