Someone Painted Cats As Historical Figures And We Can't Even

Wait until you see Elvis PET-ME

Think back to your favourite subjects at school. Art, English, Film Studies. What do they have in common? They're interesting as fuck, that's what. You know what should be interesting but is dull as dishwater 99% of the time? History. Thanks, teachers.

Take the American Revolution: guerilla warfare, moral platitudes on the nature of man and liberty, smash hit Broadway productions. Interesting as fuck, right?

But nooooooooo, when a teacher gets their hands on it, it's all "oh, let's talk about tea taxation rates for fucking ever". It's just not engaging is it? How the hell are millennials like us supposed to relate!?

But now, thanks to ace artist Christina Hess, we can finally connect with historical figures in a way not previously possible. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... CATS OF HISTORY!

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