Someone Stuck Hilarious Spoof Signs All Over London's Night Tube

"Polite Notice: Do Not Call Your Ex".

Art's there for anyone who can bear to lift their face from their smart phone for more than 0.5 seconds, bringing delight and joy to all. 

Liv And Bryn via

If you've been on the Night Tube in London this weekend, chances are you weren't looking at anything besides your McDonald's bag/the hot colleague you had one too many drinks with/the floor as you tried not to vomit - but if you'd looked UP, you'd have seen these amazing spoof stickers dotted about.

Liv And Bryn via Metro

Created by design team Liv And Bryn, they were made to celebrate the late arrival of the night tube service - and highlight the kind of japes the city's population would certainly get up to. How many have you already disobeyed?

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