Graffiti With The Subtitles Turned On Is Actually Shockingly Boring

Shout out to mah boy, )-:

"Graffiti finds a way" - Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park... sort of.

On every blank wall, shop shutter, and teenager's bedroom door around the world, there's a native artform that's devilishly difficult to decipher. Yes, we're talking about graffiti, or "scrawling a few letters on a surface for respect points", as it should henceforth be known*. Hell, that should be Twitter's new slogan, tbh.

But what if you could turn the subtitles on all your local tags and find out what the kids are really writing on the wall? Well, thanks to this imgur user, you're in luck!

See the full gallery below.

*And before any of you fuckers kick off about Banksy or whatever, we're chatting about tagging rather than full-blown works of street art... Though really, when you think about it, what's the difference? *stares into middle distance for eternity*

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