Someone Turned 'What Do You Mean' Into A 1980s Classic And It's Stupidly Catchy

Justin Bieber + overzealous guitar riff = heaven.

Justin Bieber's done a lot of things. Abandoned his pet monkey in Germany (not a euphemism), tick. Turned up to host SNL with an entourage of 20+, yep. Been roasted by Comedy Central, yessir. Said insensitive things about Prince, hours after his death, check.


But one thing he hasn't done? Released an 80s banger completele with soaring guitar riffs and plinky plonky, George Michael-esque background stuff. UNTIL NOW.

An artist called TRONICBOX makes 1980s remixes of today’s pop songs, and honestly, this remix of Bieber's hit 'What Do You Mean' is a total tune.

TRONICBOX, if you could now conjure up something by Taylor Swift to help us piece together her utterly random romance with Tom Hiddleston, that'd be great. Peace out, A-town.

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