Someone Worked Out Just How Long The DFS Sale Has Been Going On For

And it'll SHOCK you.

If you’re anything like us, ‘buying a sofa’ is an unrealisable dream on a par with ‘owning property’, ‘escaping an overdraft' and ‘not having to survive on those gigantic £1 value bags of ASDA chicken nuggets’. 

We’re too poor to buy a sofa, is what we’re saying. We have no money and it’s terrifying.

But if we weren’t, there’s a great chance that we’d buy our comfy bum bed from DFS. Why? Because they’re having a sale, of course.

And as you may well know from their famous adverts, DFS are always having a sale.

Which is why the guys over at LadBible decided to ring the company and find out just how long the sale has been going on for. They dialled up the furniture warehouse in search of the answer, and were met with this customer service rep:

"You're probably better off ringing back when someone else is on because I'm not exactly sure. However, it is a bit of an in-joke here. Apparently the first proper sale was when the company's sales dropped for the first time, but it hasn't been a constant sale. It changes to and from seasonal sales,” 

So on the basis that the ad campaign has been running since 1998, the glorious sale itself has been going on for 18 years.

Still, apparently it's finishing soon. Better head down there sharpish.