Something Weird Happened To Chandler In Series 7 Of Friends

Did you spot it?

Thought you knew Friends? WELL THINK AGAIN.

There are a good few things that happen in the show that don’t quite make sense. How did they afford the apartments when none of them had real jobs? How do they all sleep with each other and remain good, chill mates? Why do their birthdays never match up?!?

Well, we have one extra thing now to add to the list of lingering questions surrounding the sitcom: why does Chandler starts wearing glasses randomly in season 7?

In Season 7, episode 3 - The One With Phoebe's Cookies - they just appear on his face.


Okay OKAY look, the simple answer could just be that he’s getting older and the inevitable passage of time takes its toll on his eye sight.

Or, we could indulge in a nice bit of speculation, courtesy of Quora:

Hardeep Khachar posited the idea that “He got specs as he suffered from near sightedness due to his job. He had to do a lot of paperwork and sometimes computer work too. That's my assumption.”


Redditor Adam657 figured that it might be something to do with Matthew Perry’s well documented drug problem: “I may be very negative here, but I always thought it was to do with Matthew Perry's drug addiction around this time. Not that it somehow worsened his vision, I assume the actor always needed glasses. But either his eyes were too dry or bloodshot for contacts, or the makeup department were trying to mask the eyes with the glasses. He always looked especially tired and unwell during that time, particularly the episode where he is introduced with glasses.”


Or, it could just be that Perry started wearing glasses and the producers wanted to incorporate that into the show.

Mystery (kinda) solved.