Sonogram Shows New Parents They're Having A Baby... Car

The Fast And The Foetus.

‘My wife is pregnant with a sports car’ - the words everyone wants to read on their Facebook feed as they scroll through a particularly long poop. 

A couple who'd been trying for a baby were excited to get the first medical scan of their child, only to discover it looked like the mother-to-be had swallowed a toy car.

The expectant father told Someecards that he and his wife already have a daughter who was conceived through IVF and could confirm she passes no resemblance to a Ford Mondeo (she's more like a Ka, if anything). 

Brewhaus3223 via reddit

Now she's pregnant again, only six months after that little bundle of alloy arrived safe and sound.

‘A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally, well as naturally as you can when you’re carrying a car,’ said the proud Dad.

Redditors are competing for the best car-based quips, but ‘The Fast and the Foetus' has to take the top spot on the leaderboard for speed and skill. Someone's definitely thinking in top gear.

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