The Gang From South Park Speak For Everyone On Brexit

So much directionless rage.

It's day five after the UK voted to float gently away from Earth, and all signs still indicate that NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING.

Yes, even the people that WANTED this have no clue what the shit they're going to do next.

The man with no plan.

And the guys at South Park definitely reflect how almost everyone is feeling: angry and confused.

Seriously, Britain is basically Cartman right now.

Kyle is trying to remain calm, but would really like to know what the plan is here, people.

Cartman is attempting to negotiate with the EU.

Stan represents the stoic British public after being dragged through hell.

And Kenny, well... Kenny represents some of the generation who voted Leave and will never be around to see the conclusion.

Basically, everything is going REALLY well. Really, just super.

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