Space Jam 2 Is Happening And LeBron James Is Set To Star Alongside Bugs Bunny

Ryan Coogler, too? Yes please.

'Space Jam', the amazing 1996 classic multi-media fantasy you totally forgot existed is back for more... 


Black Panther producer Ryan Coogler is set to take on the creation of Space Jam 2 and we are so excited. 

The original featured actual real-life Michael Jordan getting recruited by Bugs Bunny (yeah, the cartoon...) to help a basketball team (made up of Looney Tunes) win a big game. 

Sounds bonkers? It was. 


Now, big-time 2018 basketball star LeBron James is in the process of shooting his shot (sorry) in helping the characters improve their sporting prowess once more. 

Literally watch us join a cinema full of children for this nostalgia trip... 

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