SPOILER ALERT: Matt LeBlanc May Have Revealed The Stig's Identity

But they don't KNOW that we know they know we know. You know?

We've all been there:

And that's Matt LeBlanc right now (lol jk everyone knows it's a secret, you big silly).

His turn in brand spanking new Top Gear begins 29th May and he's quite possibly, maybe, perhaps just revealed one of the biggest secrets in television (no, not that Jeremy Clarkson really *IS* a top-tier twat IRL - come on, you already knew that).

He may have just told the world the true identity of The Stig (that dude in a white suit and a helmet who does cool sh*t on Top Gear in disguise, for some reason we don't really care about).

How? By following a race car driver called Phil Keen on Twitter at the same time as fellow TG presenter Rory Reid. Yeah. That's it. Solid detective work, there, internet. But it's a juicy story so we'll take it. 

Sorry Pheebs, not sure that's gonna get Matt out of this one if it's true. Keep your eyes peeled, people - our money's on Gunther.

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