Spoiler Alert: There Was 100%, Definitely A Fart On Last Night's Game Of Thrones

Can you Wintersmell that?

If you're a major GOT fan and you haven't seen last night's episode, get off this page right now. Right NOW. LEAVE. BE GONE!

Why you still here? Srsly now, off you go. We cannot be held responsible for anything we say from now on. It's about farts. 


You still really want to read it, don't you. Everyone likes farts. We can't blame you. OK, here it is: SOMEONE FARTED ON GAME OF THRONES LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS LOL.

Some thought it was a ghost fart, like when Taylor Swift totally-definitely-didn't-parp-in-the-middle-of-the-VMAs-oh-no-sir:

They took to Twitter to verify their suspicions:

But some knew it was there, for sure:

So what happened?

Basically, Cersei heads into a council meeting with zombies Mountain and Jaime, which seems to scare Grand Maester Pycelle so much that he literally lets out a squeaker.

But you guys are forgetting something. There HAS been another fart in GOT. Listen for yourselves:

Back in Season 2, we heard this parp in the dead of night - and what a belter it was. Glad you read this now, aren't you.

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