Starbucks Employee Mistakes A-Lister For Jodie Foster In Epic Blunder

They didn't even spell 'Jodie' right...

It must be pretty horrible being famous. Everywhere you go, people are clambering over one another to get a selfie with you, tweeting about every little thing you do (“just saw Brad Pitt down Tescos buying a meal deal, LOL”), sometimes even acting like they know you!

Well, yesterday, a Starbucks employee got a little bit familiar with a Hollywood A-lister, only they threw a bit of a curveball. Turns out they’d confused one middle-aged white actress with blonde hair for another middle-aged white actress with blonde hair, in one of the most epic balls up in history!

Caution: the following image is likely to make you cringe into a ball so tight you may slip through the fabric of the universe…

So, for one thing, they were serving Helen Hunt, and for another… THEY DIDN’T EVEN SPELL ‘JODIE’ RIGHT! WTF STARBUCKS EMPLOYEE!?

We can only assume that the bold barista is currently in witness protection after their social media hazing, but seriously dude/dudette, what were you THINKING!? They look NOTHING ALIKE...

Starpix / Most Wanted - REX/Shutterstock

Alright, maybe they look a little alike, but either way, we reckon this Starbucks employee's gonna need… (slips on sunglasses)… a latte help to get over this.

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