Starbucks' Secret Halloween Menu Is Gloriously Gross

They've created a monster.

What's a holiday without a sugar-laden coffee drink to spice up your Snapchat story, huh?


Boo 👻👻👻 Trick or Treat #FrappulaFrappuccino is in the house.

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Halloween is almost here and to celebrate, Starbucks USA have trotted out their spooky specials - check out what's on the menu.



What sound do you make after drinking Frappula Frappuccino? Mwhahaha 🎃

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*A generous squeeze of mocha sauce

*A giant dollop of whipped cream.

A white-chocolate-mocha Frappuccino

*Strawberry puree tops it all off (that's the blood, duh).



Ain't no Halloween without a Franken Frapp 👻 #halloween #frankenfrapp

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Now, this is a secret menu item, so you'll have to be sly (by that, we mean just ask at the counter).

*Order a Green Tea Frappuccino with white mocha flavor, peppermint, and java chips

*Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate syrup

It's not just Starbucks having fun. Check out what Burger King dressed up as this year...

A real Zinger, you mgiht say.

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