STOP EVERYTHING: David Schwimmer Said The 'No Sex' Friends Rule WAS Broken

"David, say something!"

On Monday morning, we brought you the top 8 LIFE-CHANGING moments from the Friends reunion that aired on Sunday night in the US.

Highlights included the knowledge that Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow ate the same lunch every day for ten years (Cobb salad), Jennifer Aniston literally nearly falling off her chair with excitement then bursting into tears of joy, and Lisa Kudrow finding out she was the only Friend who had to audition twice. Awks.

But we missed something. We missed something huge. Trawling through what tidbits we can get this side of the Atlantic (the NBC special aired in America, and we sadly can't watch it over here), we couldn't see that when host Andy Cohen asked whether the cast broke the 'no sex with eacother' rule (rumoured to have been placed on them at the start of the series), David Schwimmer made a teeny, tiny comment we can't stop thinking about.


"Well that was broken." SAY WHAT NOW!? 

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

Lisa Kudrow denied that the rumour existed, but Schwimmer, who played unlucky-in-love Ross, had other ideas. Of course, it could have been a joke, but why would he toy with us this way?

Was Matthew Perry the dirty dog?! WAS THAT WHY HE DIDN'T COME TO THE REUNION, WRITING A PLAY IN LONDON AS AN ELABORATE AND NONSENSICAL COVER STORY!? Probably not. But hey, we've got big imaginations. 

Talking about their experience, Jennifer said: "At the beginning it was not a hard thing, we really just wanted to hang out with each other, it was not, ''Ugh, we have to do this' we just really fell in love and adored each other instantly and would hang out at each others houses and watch the show together."

That's all well and good, love, but WHO BANGED WHO!? Were Phoebe and Joey getting together all along?! Was Ross and Rachel actually NOT on a break, not even a little bit? DID JOEY DRINK MONICA'S LEMONADE?!

Here's all the footage you can watch on this side of the pond - it's still kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic:

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