Student Rediscovers Disturbing Book Of Love Letters To SpongeBob Square Pants

Think you were a weird kid? Not even close.

We all did weird sh*t as children. Maybe you walked around naked and smothered yourself in Nutella, maybe you captured a team of ladybirds and made them live under your bed, maybe you cut off your sibling's hair and took it to school every day for a month. Maybe you did all of these things at the same time. Maybe you are a psychopath, yeah.

Regardless, you ain't got nothing on this dude.

He loved Spongebob Square Pants SO much, he penned the character a letter.

And then another one.

And another. And... 

Good lord

Don't worry, he's just as freaked out as you:

Scared to sleep tonight? Imagine being the dude who did this and having no recollection of it. Now *that's* a terrifying thought... 

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