Taking A Selfie While High Fiving-Yourself: It's A Thing

This is worse than the A4 waist challenge.

You've heard of the A4 waist challenge. You might know that toe contouring is an actual thing that people actually do. Maybe you read our article about The Jerk Shirt, the piece of clothing that lets you pleasure yourself in public with ease.

All reminders that at best, human beings are stupid, and at worst, an apocalypse is coming. Well get in the bunker, kids, because the latest internet trend ain't much better.

We present: taking a selfie while high-fiving yourself.

Sigh. You're gonna try and do it, aren't you. Don't say you won't, we know you will. Do us a favour and copy this kid. This kid is smart:

And when you've got that out of your system, have a go at this move:

Now please, go back to your lives and we'll pretend this whole thing never happened (until the next thing). 

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