Taylor Swift Has Us Screaming 'MOOD' In The 'Delicate' Music Video

Honestly, Taylor is us 24/7.

Taylor Swift's music videos have a tendency to be iconic.

Warner Bros.

But in her latest, 'Delicate', she has us relating HARD.

Honestly, Taylor is YOU when you see your crush, she is YOU when you're looking in the mirror and thinking 'is that actually my face?', she is YOU when you get carried away dancing to your music on the train...

She's just you.

Yep. We told you it was relatable.

Aaaaand here's everyone losing their mind over those 'MOOD' worthy faces:

Be cool. Be cool.


We see it.

Is there a better feeling?

When your heart takes over as your fave song comes on shuffle.

Us intellectuals know what's UP.

Please, no more snow.

Wow. Anyone feeling like ditching all life's responsibilities and going for a dance in the rain?

Name the time and place, we'll see you there.

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