Taylor Swift’s Old Myspace Comments Prove There's Hope For Us All

Myspace > blank space.

Anyone who's anyone has seen Taylor Swift's first ever Myspace profile picture:

(Side note: is it wrong we really, really want that T-shirt?)

But now screencaps have emerged of comments that TayTay allegedly left on the site, and, in the words of the lady herself, Everything Has Changed.

Unfortunately there's no way to completely verify these pictures, although some die-hard fans claim to have seen them on her myspace back in the day. 

And this slightly obssessed comment does seem a little Taylor-esque:

Though we're not sure what she has against sewing machines.

We're also deeply in love with this limerick she allegedly wrote. 

But basically nothing can beat the fact that SHE WAS JUST LIKE US. 

And she totally left some shady comments in her day too:

And, yep, she was also a total freaking weirdo.

(If you can't read that, it says - no word of a lie - “I read your complaining comment about how your not on abilgails top 8. well, how could you be? I’M THERE. TAKING YOUR SPOT HAHAHAHA (evil laugh, you know the drill). Well, anyway, listen my queer fellow, I thinketh we shall hangeth out sometime soon, eh? yes yes, i do believe i am growing fond of this idea. drive over in your sex van and come pick me up. farewell knave.”) 

Taylor, you just made it into our top eight. The top eight OF LIFE. 


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