Teen Co-Star Tells Adorable Stories Of Will Smith On The Fresh Prince Set

"He was still a human being through the process of everything."

An actor who cut his teeth on the set of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air has come forward to praise Will Smith about how professional and welcoming he was on set.

'This Is Us' and 'Gilmore Girls' star Milo Ventimiglia appeared on the show's sixth season, at a party Ashley threw when her parents were away. He had ONE speaking line as a grade A f***boy: "Hey relax, Ash. We were just taking a little tour."

Ventimiglia said Smith (now as famous for his Instagram series as his movies) made him excited about acting - and showed him how important it was to treat everyone on set equally:

"My first real Hollywood paycheck was 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.' I had one line when I was 18 and everything else that I had done in town, I'd done for free," Milo Ventimiglia told INSIDER. 

"I got an opportunity to see Will Smith a few years ago and thank him for the way he was on set because who he is on set — he knows his crew's name, he treats everyone with respect, he's very talented, he does the work. He works hard," Ventimiglia said of meeting Smith years later. "He gave me, an 18-year-old kid who wanted to be an actor, a [look] at how the moving machine of a crew works and how inclusive you must be to support the crew and have the crew support you."

"He was one of the biggest movie stars ... but then also, you know, he was still a human being through the process of everything," he added. "He was a kind man to the crew and it was good to see that side of things and know that as big of a movie star and TV star and superhero as he was, he was still just a kind human being."

So. Many. Feels. 

Will, we love you! 

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