Teenager Performs Insanely Good Rihanna Concert While High After Dental Surgery

"I'm getting the rock star look, you've gotta work that hair".

Have surgery, perform to 100,000 people. A normal Tuesday for 13 year-old Melodie Tataryn, actually.

The teenager from Kelowna in B.C., Canada, made sure to fix her hair so she had the "rock star look", announcing she was "hardcore" and "ready to go" before stepping on stage.

Dressed to the nines in a pink hoodie and mouth stuffed full of medical gauze, the singer launched into smash hit "Work" for adoring fans, who mostly consisted of her mother and bemused medical staff.

The best part of this amazing story? You don't even need tickets to see it - check out the full, sell-out show right here. Peace out:

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