Ten Things That Made You Realise You're Dating a Monica

Because in every relationship comes the sudden realisation that you're dating a character from Friends...

1. She's Tidy

She's the kind of person who'll make the bed while you're still in it. 


2. She has a secret messy cupboard

It's a proven fact that tidy people are actually just better at hiding their mess, and your Monica is no different - the rest of the flat might be neat and organised, but that's only because she's shoved everything in a secret cupboard of shame...

3. She’s Scrappy

You discovered early on in the relationship that you'll never win an argument. Ever. Really, there's no point even trying. 

4. In high humidity, it’s like you’re going out with Brian May

When visiting any humid country, your beloved is almost unrecognisable, hidden behind a tangle of curls.

5. She taught you everything you know about sex (...and there’s still so much to learn)

How many Erogenous Zones are there, and is your Oyster Card valid in all of them? Your Monica opened your mind to a world of sensuality - even if you can still only remember three out of seven.

6. What she gets up to with her friends is a complete mystery (...and that’s fine)

You know it's time to make yourself scarce when she makes plans with the girls... 

7. She has that one *slightly* intimidating ex-boyfriend

Your Monica maintains she has no idea what she ever saw in her handsome ex-boyfriend, but you suspect it may have been his lustrous moustache and mountains of money. You'd happily fight him if you didn't think it'd end up with you in a headlock. 

8. She sometimes makes questionable fashion choices that you don’t feel qualified to comment on

"Yes, they looks lovely" you say uncertainly, as your Monica's MC Hammer parachute pants gently catch the gentle breeze on an August afternoon.

9. Seriously, though - the cleaning thing

She makes you take your shoes off before coming into the house. And socks. And trousers. And shirt. Essentially anything that could harbour dust of any kind are not welcome in her house.

10. There's no doubt that you'll end up together

For all her foibles, she's always been the one for you. Anyway, who else would have you?

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