That Sexy Felon You Secretly Fancied Is Even Hotter In His Modelling Shots

~Someone arrest him, being this hot should be illegal~

You remember Jeremy Meeks, right? That dude who sounds like a 49 year-old member of the Conservative party with questionable morals and an offshore account, but is actually a super-hot convicted felon?

Getty/Comedy Central

This dude. After arresting him and sentencing him to 27 months in prison for possessing an illegal firearm, US police shared his mugshot online back in February 2014, hoping to, well, we're not sure what they were trying to do really, because LOOK AT HIM. 

It was pretty obvious which way this was going to go - but no one could have predicted that Meeks would be so popular on the internet that he was offered a modelling contract.

His first professional headshot was released this week, and woah, mama:


#warriors #dubnation #hometeam

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It's official: bad boys are sexy. Who knew, eh?


Count down #housearrest #bayarea

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Someone arrest him again, because being this hot should be illegal.


End of my driveway is as far as I can go 😥 #housearrest

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Dat caption, tho.

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