The 12 Best Movie Moons Of All Time

Full moon. Half moon. Total eclipse.

Look up to the sky, the supermoon is here...

Isn't it a big moon? A lovely moon? A moon so super you probably can't believe you've even seen a moon before. It shits on all those other moons sightings. Fuck the other moon sightings. You only want this moon from now on. The moon to end all moons. King moon. The prophet moon the people have been waiting for. How far does super moon's power extend? Only as far as its ambition. But lo, tomorrow it shall disappear, as we all shall one day, into nothingness. RIP super moon, gone before your time.

Anyway, we got to thinking about how no one does a good moon (with their butt) anymore. Here are 12 of our fave mooning scenes in movies, care of HuffPo!

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