The 13 Most Shocking Trout Pouts of All Time

We've seen what happens when lip surgery goes wrong, and frankly we're disgusted.
Ouch. We're not sure how much she paid for that lip-injection, but good luck getting a refund. Those puckers are so inflated we're surprised she can stay underwater.


Here's one gal who's bound to regret going under the knife. We feel sorry for the unlucky guy who has to snuggle up to this mess.


Pucker up? More like fucker up, because someone really made a mess of this job.


We're not sure we can face eating fish and chips ever again, just in case this frightful mush turns up on our plate. Overdone it much?


No, we don't think you should go back under the knife. We think you should keep swimming until you reach the bottom of the ocean, and then bury yourself there along with your hideous face-hole. Disgraceful.


Apparently this manky kisser was plumped-up by injecting fat from the arse – which would explain why this fish has no arse left.


It's not use putting it on ice. You wanted a hideous over-stuffed yapper and now you're stuck with it.


Yikes, what did they put in her lips? Collagen or an inner tube?


We're not sure which cowboy plastic surgeon was responsible for all these abominations, but if we ever see them we're having their license revoked.


This fish is one slippery customer. Maybe that would explain why the needle slipped and went into their whole face.


We're glad this is stuck in the ocean, because if this ungodly creation ever appeared on land we'd throw-up in its mouth.


What is it with these scaly egotists? Why can't they stick with the mouths they were born with? 


It's no use looking down about it now. You should have thought about that before you stuffed your chops full of tuna.


Okay we're done. You disgust us, trouts.