The 15 Funniest Pictures On The Internet Today

Featuring Barney the Dinosaur, a bona fide Pigeon Lord, and the best gardening gif you'll ever see.

It’s happening, people. Judgement Day has arrived. There’s doom and gloom everywhere today as Brits across the country trudge to the polls in the pissing rain to stop other Brits like Katie Hopkins and that utter buffoon Boris Johnson from RUINING OUR LIVES.

But there are bright sides to this day. Every single teeny-tiny hint of Glastonbury FOMO that we had has completely disappeared after having seen countless pictures of people wading through mud in order to camp in mud and generally have what’s sure to be a miserable time in yet more mud. 

And, of course, the internet has done what it does best and delivered the LOLs. Here are the funniest things we saw this morning - not including the angry, sodden queue at the polling station. 

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