The 19 Best Things About London In The Summer

Parks! Lollies! Ice-cream! Being searched at the carnival for looking suspicious!

[subheader]1. Looking at the toucan in London Zoo and pretending you’re in an old Guinness advert.[/subheader]


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Also good: befriending a warthog.

[subheader]2. Wearing shorts and looking at sweating, suited businessmen while experiencing the emotion of schadenfreude.[/subheader]

Also good: spending at least an hour with your arms clamed to your sides to avoid displaying massive, plate-sized sweatpatches then casting your cares aside and .

[subheader]3. Finding the best possible outfit for Notting Hill Carnival.[/subheader]


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Also good: paying two quid to use a stranger's toilet.

[subheader]4. Realising it’s ten o’clock at night somehow, when you thought it was about eight because it’s still so bright outside.[/subheader]


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Also good: nodding off and waking up alone in the park.

[subheader]5. Having a day when all you do is sit on a blanket someone's nicked off a plane.[/subheader]

Also good: doing this on a Sunday thinking it's a Saturday and missing out on doing loads of stuff you're meant to do.

[subheader]6. Drinking seven cans of Red Stripe in the park before 4PM and not even feeling bad about it because it’s sunny.[/subheader]


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Also good: feeling bad about it but not letting that stop you. 

[subheader]7. Enjoying a film you’ve seen loads of times before in a whole new way by watching it outside or on a roof.[/subheader]


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Also good: not being the bastard that shouts every line out.

[subheader]8. Chuckling at tourists making rudimentary mistakes, like trying to use cash on a bus[/subheader]


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Also good: refusing to acknowledge that if you were on holiday and anyone laughed at you you’d be OUTRAGED.

[subheader]9. Standing by the end of the tube carriage and letting the wind cool you.[/subheader]

Also good: turning up to work with INSANE hair from doing so.

[subheader]10. Trying to kick a ball back to some dudes in the park but underestimating your own strength and hoofing it halfway to the moon.[/subheader]


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Also good: Ballsing it up and losing a shoe.

[subheader]11. Picknicking and somehow making quite pedestrian food taste amazing with the secret ingredient of outdoorsness (and being slightly drunk). Also lollies.[/subheader]


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Also good: getting ice-cream on the end of your nose like a big eejit.

[subheader]12. Seeing a jogger go through a horse poo.[/subheader]


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Also good: enjoying a dog going absolutely apeshit.

[subheader]13. Taking a speedbump on a Boris bike, doing a quarter-second wheelie and feeling like an absolute badass.[/subheader]


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Also good: briefly considering buying a skateboard.

[subheader]14. Pratting about in a boat.[/subheader]


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Also good: befriending a swan.

[subheader]15. Befriending a swan[/subheader]

Also good: pratting about in a boat.

[subheader]16. Drinking coconut milk straight out of a coconut on Portobello Road and considering only ever drinking from coconuts from then on.[/subheader]

Also good: finding a cocktail that you claim is "your drink now" and never having one again.

[subheader]17. Getting a ridiculous tanline on the first good sunny day.[/subheader]


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Also good: really committing to hayfever.

[subheader]18. Spending eleven straight hours in a beer garden working out what you’re going to do with the rest of the day, then going to bed.[/subheader]


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Also good: going for a quick wander around to enjoy the sun, and walking the streets all day just taking it all in and being almost aggressively relaxed.

[subheader]19. Appreciate how the sun can make even the least exciting of views really nice.[/subheader]


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Also good: looking off a bridge at the Thames and losing your sunglasses.