The 2017 Funny Women Awards Results Are In

It's what they deserve!

The 2017 Funny Women Awards results are in guys...

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And only the BEST have made it to the final few.

The awards have previously gone to the likes of Sarah Millican, Zoe Lyons, and even our girl Katherine Ryan!

However, there are now FOUR categories in which the women can be judged on performance, writing, and creation.

Here are your funniest women of 2017:

Funny Women Awards/ British Comedy Guide

Stage Award: Thanyia Moore

Thanyia is a receptionist from South East London who won over the crowd last night and pegged the Stage Award! In her biography, Thanyia says she has "always held a love for comedy, but despite a background in acting, dance and event hosting, her confidence to tell jokes on stage came much later in life." 

The competition had over 400 entrants, and 25 heats were run to finalise the girls and find the winner. Among the 10 finalists who performed on the night, the two runners-up were Chloe Petts and Susan Riddell.

Funny Women Awards/ British Comedy Guide

Comedy Shorts Award: Polly by Cam Spence

To enter the Comedy Shorts Award you need a 1-6 minute film that can utilise any comedic discipline. You can check out Cam's winning video 'Polly' here!

The runner-up film came from Roxy Dunn and Alys Metcalf with 'Habits'.

Funny Women Awards/ British Comedy Guide

Comedy Writing Award: Nosh by Alex Hardy

This award is judged by a look into three sample scenes from a comedy script for television or radio. 

This year's winner is Alex, a researcher with experience in both topical comedy and comedy entertainment, as well as experience in studio and chat shows.

Alex won for her script, 'Nosh'. The runners-up were 'Hitched' by Rhiannon Neads and S&M Kissy and 'Mistress' by Kiran Benawra.

Funny Women Awards/ British Comedy Guide

Best Show Award: Good Girl  by Naomi Sheldon

This award is chosen by comedy-going audiences, including female-led shows they've seen over 2017.

Naomi's 'Good Girl' won over critics this year. Described as "bold, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny", this darkly comical, coming of age tale is NOT to be missed. SO, go see it while you can at the Trafalgar Studios in London. Produced by the Old Red Lion, this is her debut play which premiered in July 2017, and Naomi is now developing Good Girl with Clerkenwell Films.

This year's runners-up were Girlfriend from Hell by Gabby Killick and I Love Lou C by Lou Conran.

Lynne Parker, the founder of the Funny Women Awards, commended the girls:

"This year has been incredible in terms of the talent we've seen across the four Awards. With a record number of entries for the Stage Award it was difficult to select the top acts to showcase at the charity final, which is why we decided on 10 rather than eight. There's a new energy for live comedy performance and this is reflected in the numbers and variety of acts we've seen.

Along with some amazing films in our Comedy Shorts Award, brilliant scripts submitted for the Comedy Writing Award and a broad array of Best Show nominations, the future of female comedy has never looked brighter!"

Three cheers for female comedians finally getting the recognition and praise they deserve!

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