The 5 Funniest Scary Video Game Reactions Ever

Get ready to lose your s**t...

Horror games in autumn are the absolute best.

The nights draw in, you're getting all snuggly on your sofa, so you decide you fancy a bit of a shock and load up the latest Resident Evil. Five hours later you're curled up in a ball, desperately trying to find your phone so you can ask what she used to do with all your soiled nappies, not that you've shat yourself, mind, it's just a bit of Nutella.

Getty / Capcom

But what makes scary games even better? Comedians losing their shit playing them!

Here are our 5 favourite funny spooky game reactions...

Resident Evil 7

Sure, it might not star any of your usual brain-craving zombie types, but that doesn't make Resident Evil 7 any less scary. Quite the opposite, tbh.

It also makes people's reactions even funnier...

The Visitor

What's scarier than playing a horror game? Being IN a horror game...

Well, that's exactly what POiiSED decided to do when he strapped on his Oculus Rift and went to town on the Visitor.

WARNING: this gets LOUD.

Silent Hill: P.T.

Designed by Hideo Kojima and Gullermo Del Toro, the scariest thing about this game is that it no longer exists.

After Konami cancelled the SH sequel, the Playable Teaser was effectively wiped off the face of the Earth, leaving a smattering of mental scarring, and a load of funny reaction videos.





The Scary Maze Game

Alright, this might not be a true blue video game, but seeing as it went everywhere in the mid-00s, there happen to be a shedload of hilarious reactions online. If you've never played it, head over here - don't worry, totally nothing to worry about. Just play the game...

All cleaned up now? Good. Now it's your turn to watch some ~other~ people lose their shit.

BONUS: Get Even

If you're a paranoid idiot like me, you've probably spent far too many nights staring at your ceiling wondering if the world is real, or just a figment of your stupid imagination - seriously, Donald Trump!?

If that sounds like you, then Bandai Namco's Get Even  is gonna be RIGHT up your street... Seriously, just film yourself playing this baby and you're guaranteed a million views.

Want to watch some other comedians' scarily poor gaming attempts? Then keep your eyes peeled for The Chris Ramsey Show season 2, featuring Gamewreckers. Coming soon.