The 5 Most Heartless YouTube Pranksters That You Need To Watch

Schadenfreude at its best.

Tonight at 11pm, we premiere the first episode of Fameless Prankers -  a show where wannabe celebs fall victim to all manner of hilarious hijinks for your cackling amusement. 

We all like to think that we could sniff out a prank pretty sharpish; that we’d spot Ant and Dec beyond the gruesome make-up, duck the water spurting from our best mates’ suspicious lapel flower, or notice the fizz of Imodium tablets in our Diet Cokes.

In reality, we'd all fall for it hook line and sinker. Because everybody you meet has a YouTube prank account - and they’re out to get you. Your friends. Your co-workers. Even your own family.

But pray this: that you’re never targeted by any of these guys. The 5 best pranksters on YouTube.

Charles Ross

Getting arrested for giving a man a wedgie is the greatest achievement a school bully can attain, so it's clear why Charles Ross' reputation preceeds him. Watch this troublemaker jump over two policemen, and worship at the alter of his gigantic balls.

Mediocre Films

Trolling Trekkies is as easy as it is hilarious. Greg Benson heads to conventions and dliberately pisses off hardened Star Trek fans with his ill-informed and downright abusive questions. 

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Another one who got in trouble with the law - this time for conducting a zombie prank in Miami shortly after police found a guy eating another man's face. This guy can be a bit of an asshole, truth be told - but he really pushes the envelope, if that's what you're into.


A couple who spend their whole lives pranking eachother. This one's particularly heartless: with the help of a decapitated head model, she manages to convince her boyfriend that she's cheating on him. 

Public Prank

Public Prank have one mission: to scare the bejesus out of innocent members of the public. They usually do this by employing old-school horror movie tricks or - in the case of this video - literally just jumping out of a box. Simplicity at its finest.

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