The 7 Stupidest Things People Have Done with the iPhone 6 So Far

With the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, consumer technology has never been more sophisticated. But don't worry, consumer stupidity has stepped up its game as well. Here are the most ingenious ways people have found to destroy their new phones so far.

[subheader]Got carried away during unpacking[/subheader]

[subheader]Attempted to recharge it with a microwave[/subheader]

[subheader]Given the password to their cat[/subheader]

[subheader]Tried to bend it in half so they can sneak it out of the Apple store[/subheader]

[subheader]Lost control while bragging about their toilet on Pinterest[/subheader]

[subheader]Been slightly overenthusiastic in testing the scratch-proof screen[/subheader]

[subheader]Accidentally switched on Sticky Bun Mode[/subheader]

Don't worry. She gets it back eventually.