Happy National Kissing Day! See The Sexiest, Funniest & Most Awks Kisses In Friends

Phoebe and Joey, though.

Friends? More like 'Friends With Benefits', right? or better yet, ‘New York Coffee People Getting Off With Eachother'.

Because Friends is, at its heart, a show about an impending orgy. Just watch the video above - Chandler and Rachel ALL OVER EACH OTHER BACK AT COLLEGE. FORGOTTEN ABOUT THAT, HADN'T YOU?

The show is essentially friends kissing friends kissing friends, forever in the knowledge that, if anybody brought a bottle of Tanqueray to Central Perk, things would get very friendly indeed. Even between SIBLINGS ("You were under the pile of coats? Monica: I was the pile of coats!"). 

On National Kissing Day, let's celebrate the best of 'em.

8th - Chandler and everyone

The situation: Chandler has accidentally kissed his behind-the-scenes-beau Monica in front of the other girls. He recovers by snogging everyone on his exit.

Technique: Quick peck (?!) to the side of the mouth.

7th - Ross and Rachel

The situation: The last ever episode. Rachel has just stepped off her plane to Paris in order to declare her everlasting love to Ross.

Technique: Sloppy from Ross. Maybe it was the pressure, but we can't help but feel Rachel might be regretting her decision as Ross rubs his fish lips all over her chin.

6th - Chandler and Monica

The situation: Chandler proposes after a romantic storyline where he pretends not to want her, so she nearly cheats on him with Richard and... that's not romantic at all, is it. Still a good kiss, though.

Technique: Textbook kiss and rise, before transitioning to cuddle.

5th - Phoebe and Rachel

The situation: From 'The One With Rachel's Big Kiss'. After hearing about Rachel's drunken kiss with her old college roommate, Phoebe wants to give her a whirl. The result? "I've had better." Which leads us to...

Technique: Confrontational. Brutish.

4th - Phoebe and Joey

The situation: Joey's struggling to perfect a kiss for a show he's working on, so pleads with Pheebs to judge his technique.

Technique: A lot of arm action. Short but sweet.

3rd - Joey and Rachel

The situation: Remember when Joey and Rachel had a relationship? It was short-lived, but this kiss certainly wasn't - ELEVEN SECONDS IT LASTED! ELEVEN!

Technique: Dramatic.

2nd - Rachel and Ross (again)

The situation: After witnessing a tragic tape of Ross gearing up to go to the prom with Rachel, before being discarded at the last minute, Rachel decides to rectify her ill by sticking her tongue down Ross' throat.

Technique: Double-palmed face grab.

1st - Chandler and Phoebe

The situation: Phoebe attempts to seduce Chandler in a bid to get him to admit his secret relationship with Monica. Chandler calls her bluff, resulting in the steamiest onscreen snog in TV history.

Technique: Ghastly. For sheer squirm factor, this wins hands down. Well done, everyone. Deceit and deception FTW, always.