The 'A4 Waist Challenge' Is Surely A Sign Of An Impending Apocalypse

Pls stop.

Hey, here's a fun idea. Get a piece of A4 paper. Now draw a nice picture on it. Or maybe write some pretty words. Just don't hold it infront of your waist to show how thin you are.


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Yep. That's exactly what young girls all over the internet are doing; "proving" how skinny they are by taking photos of printer paper obscuring their waists. 

A4 paper is just eight inches wide, so women are essentially trying to show that they're smaller but no, no, how about no, stop it. 


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The challenge started in China around February, but has now spread worldwide just like the 'holding a pencil under your boob' challenge before it. 

Here's a real challenge, guys: don't determine your self-worth by bullshit beauty standards! Yay! 


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Thankfully, this being the internet, many people are mocking the challenge - and doing so beautifully. 



Stay safe out there, everybody. The end is most likely near.

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