Where To LOL Around The Country This Summer

Stand up comedy, immersive theatre, film screenings and more!

Let's get real, for the most part 2016 has been a steaming pile of dog's doo doo. From the deaths of beloved celebrities to the clusterfudge that is our political situation, the UK needs a laugh right now. And we know where to find them in spades.

From Comedy Central's very own Amy Schumer hitting the 02 Arena in September to Tim Minchin's new musical Groundhog Day, there's a bundle of fun to be had in London - but there's tons happening around the country, too.

Bill Bailey and Sara Pascoe are heading up the Glee comedy tent at V Festival in Essex and Staffordshire, and Jimmy Carr touches down in Dundee on 20th August.

And don't get us started on FriendsFest, bigger and better than last year by a mile. FriendsFest's gone so far past last year, last year is a dot to FriendsFest.