The Best Summer Solstice Brand Fails

Because British weather will always rain on your branded parade...

The weather, eh? The bloody weather. This bloody, British weather eh? Can't trust it can ya? Can't count on it for nothing. Let's have a referendum on the British weather, eh? Are you in or out?

Unlike the real vote going on at the moment, we reckon there's no way anyone would choose to face the British weather alone. Seriously, it's ruined everything. You think Wimbledon ever wanted a retractable roof? NO. IT DOESN'T LIKE BEING A SHUT IN. IT NEEDS TO BE FREE. Well, today's weather's another prime example of the holiday-ruining power of these great British isles... The Summer Solstice.


The Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. Hot days, cool nights. Parties down the local park and druids doing whatever the hell druids actually do. That's what this is all supposed to be about, but no, today, the longest day of the year will be spent cowering under umbrellas and trying your hardest not to drown... But that didn't stop the brands, did it?

Brands. The spectre looming over every social media site you hold dear. Brands, jumping on your hashtags like a fly on fresh dung. Brands, taking the content you hold dear and using it to peddle their latest toilet brush, the BEST TOILET BRUSH YOU'LL EVER OWN IN YOUR DAMN LIFE! But don't you love it when brands get it amazing, catastrophically wrong? Like when they plan for the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, to be bright and sunny?

Nice try, poshos.

Basically this, but screaming into the existential void (or at least the clouds covering it).

Just how tasty is soggy pizza, anyway?

"Let's get the kids out and about being active!"
"But what if it rains?"
"But what if it what?"
"Rains? Raaaains? Brains? Yes, this is a very clever idea, Alex. Thank you."
"But, boss."
"Very clever, indeed. Alex, I've earned myself a bonus!"

But, you know what, some brands have really redeemed themselves! Just take a look...




Well done, select brands. Adapting and rolling with the punches. To the rest of you... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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