The Best Twitter Reactions To The Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, And Amber Rose Beef

Get your popcorn ready.

Okay. Welcome, class. For any late-comers, early-sleepers, or internet-avoiders, here's a quick overview of the monumental beef that overtook the world last night. 

Kanye changed his album title from Swish to Waves, and Wiz took offence because wavy-ness is rapper Max B's thing (it's okay, it gets easier to understand from this point). 

Later, Wiz unrelatedly tweeted "Hit this kk and become yourself." Kanye thought that "kk" stood for Kim Kardashian, when in fact it stood for weed (okay, we lied, this is nonsense). 

Kanye, being Kanye, naturally went off it in a 30 tweet tirade, saying to Wiz "You let a stripper trap you", referring, of course, to his own ex Amber Rose. 

After Kanye realised his mistake, he deleted all his tweets and said he's now all about "positive energy". Then Amber Rose tweeted the best thing that has ever been tweeted in this history of ever, and oh God, just look at it: 

Good, now we're all caught up, here are the internet's finest reactions in all of their glory: